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The only USA made dry vapor steam cleaner, the THERMA-KLEEN® THERMA-STEEM® INDUSTRIAL 400 model is a “brute” in a stainless steel body. The Industrial 400 boasts the highest pressure and temperatures in the industry today, topping out at 180 PSI/ 10.6 bar and temperatures reaching 380°F/193°C, this machine is truly a powerhouse in a compact package. Using this vapor steam cleaner could not be easier. Start by filling the reserve tank with water, plug into a 110 volt electrical outlet and within minutes you are ready to clean with “Green Technology”. With the continuous fill feature on the 400, there is no limit to what can be cleaned.

Boiler1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Boiler and 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Reserve Tank
Maximum Temperature380°F/193°C
Output Pressure180 PSI/10.6 bar
Electrical Requirements110 VAC @ 18 Amps / 220 VAC @ 9 Amps
Dimensions (Overall)40″L x 48″W x 24″H
Dimensions (Cabinet)N/A
Dimensions (w/Handle)N/A
Weight165 lbs. (with handle)

The versatile Industrial 400 dry vapor steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning areas large and small in many industries including hospitals, hotels/motels, manufacturing companies, food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants, wineries and auto detailing shops, just to name a few. It is able to clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitize anything where water can not and should not be used. Some examples are conveyor belts, inside ovens, industrial coolers, refrigerators, vats, barrels and many others. Some other uses for the unit are floors, tile, grout, cleaning stainless steel, dining areas, hotel lobbies, carpeting, seats, dashboards, killing bed bugs, and dust mites in mattresses and other areas, wheelchairs, and exam rooms in hospitals and nursing homes. These units can also be used in kosher establishments to “kasherize” the equipment.

The Industrial 400, manufactured and constructed in America, features an all stainless steel body, 1.5 gallon boiler with a lifetime warranty, 2 gallon reserve tank, and incoloy heating element. This portable vapor steam cleaner includes all standard accessories, that can be stored on the handle with ease. It also has heavy duty, 10″ rubber wheels and removable handle that makes for easier maneuverability and storage. The 400 model is designed to clean and sanitize more efficiently and more quickly than any other machines in its category, while producing longer and more sustained temperatures and pressures. The Industrial 400 dry vapor steam cleaner will make your cleaning jobs more efficient and save you hours of costly labor time.

Included Items/Features

  • Instructional Manual & Instructional DVD
  • (2) Terry Cloth Towels
  • (1) Hex Bolt For Handle Attachment
  • (1) Washers For Handle Attachment
  • (1) Funnel (Plastic)
  • (1) Triangle Micro Fiber Cloth
  • (1) Squeegee-Handheld
  • (1) Floor Micro Fiber Cloth
  • (1) Double Wire Snap Pins
  • (1) Wing Nut For Handle Attachment
  • (1) 2 1/2″ Nylon Screw On Brush
  • (3) 1″ Nylon Screw On Brush
  • (3) 1″ Brass Screw On Brush
  • (3) 1″ SS Screw On Brush
  • (1) Curved Nozzle/Brush Attachment
  • (1) Zero Degree Blast Attachment
  • (1) Triangle Brush
  • (1) 20″ Wand Extension
  • (1) 36″ Wand Extension
  • (1) 15ft SS Hose With Gun
  • (1) Gloves
  • (1) Safety Glasses
  • (1) Floor Brush
  • (1) 20″ Extension
  • (1) 3′ Extension

Optional Accessories

  • Squeegee Channel For Handle
  • 2 1/2″ Brass Screw On Brush
  • Zero Degree Nozzle
  • 25ft SS Hose With Gun
  • Gun Only For Model 400/XL1
  • 1″ Horsehair Screw On Brush
  • 2 1/2″ Stainless Steel Screw On Brush
  • 15ft SS Hose Only
  • 25ft SS Hose Only

Safety Features

  • Low Water Alarm Signals Low Water Level w/Audible Alarm
  • High Pressure Relief Valve
  • Temperature Control with High Cut-Off
  • High Pressure Limit Switch



165 lbs


40 × 48 × 24 in


1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Boiler and 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Reserve Tank

Maximum Temperature


Output Pressure

180 PSI/10.6 bar

Electrical Requirements

110 VAC @ 18 Amps / 220 VAC @ 9 Amps

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  1. Gary Ware

    ( 1 Review )

    Hello Louis,

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be submitting a PO in the next few weeks for a second TS400 Dry Steam Cleaner from you guys. This first unit we purchased from you has been an absolute game changer! We currently use this to clean our dry calibration blocks (Dry Sizers) We run PVC fence and our compound has a high amount of wax which results plate-out and builds up in the calibration. What happens is once the calibrators plug up, we take the line down, disassemble everything clean and put back together then start the line back up.

    Prior to purchasing one of these units from you, a typical cleaning would take two to three hours depending on the size of tool we were cleaning. This was done all by hand and very labor intensive. Our cleanings have been cut down to twenty or thirty minutes tops. What use to take three employees now only takes one. This unit payed for itself the very first tool we cleaned. Looking forward to purchasing this second unit from you. Talk soon!

    Best Regards,

    Asst. Director of Manufacturing-Extrusion Manager
    Eastern Wholesale Fence LLC

    301 Scott Avenue Calverton NY, 11933
    Business (631) 698-0929 x 220
    Cell (516) 419-2390
    Fax- (631) 369-2276
    Email – [email protected]

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