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Therma-Kleen products have been highlighted in many a unique application.

In fact, we've generated a number of articles and write-ups in regards to the benefits of using our products. We've also built up a bit of fan club... here are some of the testimonials of many past and present customers using Therma-Kleen products for their cleaning needs.

THERMA-KLEEN™ equipment keeps Salt Lake City “Flying High”
  I just wanted to take a minute of your time and tell you how much we appreciate all the time and your efforts to get us a product that worked to our expectations. Since purchasing our 1300 THERMA-KLEEN™ propane unit, our technicians have raved about it. It has well exceeded our expectations for cleaning equipment, concrete, and anything else we can throw at it. I also appreciate your patience with us in making our decision and ensuring that we had all the information to make an educated choice. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.
THERMA-KLEEN™ equipment is used in a wide range of applications. Below are comments from a few of our customers.

Andy – Thanks for the follow up round brush; just got that in the mail a couple of days ago; works great. Been thru about 15 gallons so far and machine is absolutely awesome; neighbors are drooling. I’ve basically spent every two seconds I’ve had cleaning with it and really don’t know how I’d gotten by without one before. Really glad I bought a real one from you versus one of those lady bugs or the like. You should warn people who are considering the cheap alternative – it’s just not worth it. 330 degrees is a big difference over 300 and the pressure on yours is all you could ever want. Rosie is asking me to do her pots and pans now… she couldn’t believe that it got the baked on grease off the cook-top counter. My show-car now looks totally perfect! Will attach picture some day soon. Thanks again!

Got the steamer yesterday and wow you were right. Very impressive; absolutely amazing on full power. Very easy to control. Had it going in just minutes and I managed to do about 5 gallons of water through it so far, cleaning the entire truck interior, bathroom, kitchen sink, stove, second bathroom and a really nasty sliding glass door track. Got a caulk-like sticker/stain type of mess off the floor in seconds that I’d been working on by hand for 4 years now. BTW, the welds look great – kudos to whomever did those; very neat and precise. Thanks for building such a quality machine that I know I’ll be using for many years from now.

Impressed with the performance and workmanship


THERMA-KLEEN™ equipment works wonders to improve the quality of life in this household.

Dear Andy, When I first started my steam sterilization business a little over a year ago, I thought that all steam machines were created equal. Boy, was I wrong. I can’t tell you how many countless videos I watched on the internet on different machine demos and how often I scoured various sites for PSI/Temp info when I first made a decision to buy a dry vapor steamer. I am happy to say that I have finally found what I have been looking for! Jobs that used to take me almost a full day have now been shortened to a few hours at best and the quality of the finished work is something I can truly be proud of and stand behind. My other steamers are labeled commercial/industrial, but I can state with 100% conviction that the Industrial 400 I just bought from THERMA-KLEEN™ trumps them in every aspect and application. From the sheer brute power, to the coated hoses and beefy tires, my 400 VAPORIZES anything else in my arsenal. Since the machine just paid for itself in less than 2 weeks, you can count on me to remain a loyal THERMA-KLEEN™ client and frequent buyer.

I’m writing to tell you how grateful I am for your kind assistance in providing me the most amazing cleaning machine I could have ever imagined – the THERMA-STEEM™ Machine. It has been several months since I found your website (by divine intervention, I believe) while searching in frustration for a way to clean my carpets and furniture in an environmentally friendly manner. I spoke first with your wife explaining that following a diagnosis and surgery for breast cancer and given the allergies of my children and grandchildren, I’ve been working hard to minimize the chemicals found in our food and home environment. Your wife helpfully described THERMA-STEEM™ and suggested I speak with you to learn more. You spent a great deal of time explaining to me what this machine can do and how it works. I felt like you were interested in me and my needs and how you could help. You were personal, kind and responsive to my concerns, ensuring that the model I purchased was best suited to my circumstances.

My husband is an architect who designed our home, in which we have many windows and have used primarily natural materials, The results are lovely, but can also be difficult and time-consuming to maintain. Since purchasing our THERMA-STEEM™, we’ve cleaned wool carpets, oriental rugs and all of our upholstered furniture, leaving them free of stains and smelling fresh and clean. We’ve cleaned natural hardwood floors and cabinets, as well as outdoor teak furniture and cedar siding and shake shingles. We’ve cleaned natural limestone and slate showers and floors, removing mold and mildew stain and odor, and brightened our stone fireplace, We’ve cleaned all our windows, inside and out. We’ve cleaned painted walls and woodwork and a mattress after our grandson had an accident during their holiday visit. The more we use our THERMA-STEEM™, the more we think of ways we can clean and freshen our environment. My husband looks forward to tackling the garage and automobiles when spring comes. Using this machine is so gratifying in the results achieved, we actually have fun cleaning our home.

Thank you for converting what is a well-built and effective cleaning commercial machine into a residential model that is well-designed, efficient and simple to use. Through THERMA-STEEM™ you have contributed to the health and wellbeing of my entire family.
THERMA-KLEEN™ keeps things clean and saves some “dough”.
THERMA-KLEEN™ Swab Results

1. Table Before: Too Many to Count / Spreader Test
Table After: 0

2. Tub Before: 31 Mold / 3 Yeast Test
Tub After: 2 Mold / 1 Yeast
So Fresh So Clean Mobile Detailing

You and the team at THERMA-KLEEN™ are the greatest! Your superior customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to help me trouble shoot and detect the minor problem I had with my steamer was absolutely refreshing. I saved the time and cost of shipping that it would have taken me to box the unit up and send off to you because of your willingness to coach me right over the phone. Thanks again for standing behind this wonderful product. Both the product and the service is second to none! I will definitely do business with and recommend your company and products to other detailers.

D. Smith

Houston, TX

I just had a chance to open up the THERMA-STEEM™ this morning. All I can say is WOW! The quality of everything is top-notch. Even the boxes and packaging is well thought out and high quality. I’m so used to being disappointed with the quality of products that this was a very pleasant surprise.

I had a chance to spend a couple of hours steaming the tile in my laundry room entrance area from my garage and half bathroom. I wish I bought this years ago. The tile is cleaned regularly and didn’t look all that bad (but the was some spots where the grout was visibly dirty – it is a cream colored grout). I can’t believe the difference. The grout is super clean and the tile looks and feels clean. I’m thrilled with the unit.

Cliff Middlebury


I wanted to give you an update on my progress with the THERMA-STEEM™ steamer I purchased from you about 6 months ago. I don’t expect you to remember me, but you graciously spent your time explaining to me the advantages of choosing your product. As a business owner myself, I appreciate real value. I am happy to report that once I learned the proper techniques (through trial and some error) your product has sustained and exceeded every claim you made to me in that conversation. A friend of mine works at a local car dealership. He understands my disease (car collecting) and “stopped by” two Fridays ago a few hours after the dealership had traded in a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Diamond Jubilee Edition. I scoffed (this was the car that was originally coined “land yacht”) and promptly told him I would “take it”. He asked me to pick the car up later the next day as it still needed mechanical inspection and an interior/exterior detailed. I picked up the car the next day and enjoyed the drive… as long as the moon roof and windows were open as the car contained classic “mustiness” of 30 years in service… even after the dealer’s detailing. Last weekend I finally carved out enough time to do a full re-detailing of the interior with your THERMA-STEEM™ cleaner. The towels/rags are heavily soiled on both sides. This “after dealer detailing” dirt came out of the carpets (interior and trunk) and the two front seats. The car now smells fresh with all windows tight. The upholstery (yes… it’s virtually a velour ocean in there) is like new to the touch and the car is a real joy to drive… if you like boating and the 7 m.p.g. around town doesn’t bother you. Thanks for making a great product and operating a company the actually keeps the promises it makes.


“Finally, a product which produces as advertised! How many, literally, years have I wasted trying to keep my succession of homes clean with caustic chemicals and elbow grease without EVER receiving the satisfaction I’ve had in just one Saturday using my new THERMA-KLEEN™ vapor steam cleaner! I’ve teenage boys, three dogs, two ferrets, a husband, and the stable dirt generated from maintaining three horses at home to clean… as well as working a full-time job. It has been demoralizing trying to keep ahead of the dirt and grime. Using the THERMA-KLEEN™, I’ve cleaned all the tile and grout in my home along with the hardwood floors… with relative ease. It will be a snap hereafter to keep my home clean by using the THERMA-KLEEN™. While many homeowners would recoil at the initial purchase price (this is a commercial-grade machine with a stainless steel chassis and should last beyond my life time) it has proven worth every penny. This purchase was in lieu of our summer vacation… it will be like having a vacation, from now on, by enjoying my home without the hours of weekly drudgery trying to keep it clean.”

Home Owner

in Virginia

“My Deluxe (which I’ve named Bertha Tank) arrived today and I went on a 4 hour cleaning frenzy starting in my kitchen. All I can say is that this machine surpasses my wildest dreams. I feel that this is one of the best items I have ever purchased. Clearly, it will make house cleaning much easier for me with time spent cut tremendously, and I will now be able to keep up with a house that I felt was owning too much of my time. One of the most jaw dropping cleaning events today was a wool runner in my kitchen. This is a 4 year old runner that has never been cleaned. Using a white terry cloth shop towel from Costco attached to the floor brush, I did half the 10 foot runner with one side of the cloth, flipped the cloth over and did the other half of the rug. The cloth was very dirty on both sides but not very wet-just damp. I then put a clean terry cloth onto the floor attachment because I wanted to see how well the first pass cleaned the rug and did another pass repeating the flipping process with the clean white towel. The second towel was nearly clean with the second pass. I could not believe my eyes. We have two dogs and this is the runner leading from our garbage!! The rug was completely dry in 5 minutes. My husband could not believe it. The rug feels soft and clean to the bare feet now. Simply amazing! And I was about to send the rug to have it cleaned. I spent 4 hours cleaning today and I am tired, but I accomplished so much more in those 4 hours that I could have ever accomplished in a day. If you decide to use this as a review, I would like to speak to all the housewives out there which think this machine may be over-kill for the everyday cleaning tasks. This machine will blow your mind and make you want to slap you Mamma!! Especially if you have a lot of detail to your home like traditional molding, woodwork, and places that collect dust that take a lot of time to deal with. Do yourself a gigantic favor and take the plunge! This machine is perfect for the homemaker! You will not regret it for one moment! Do not settle for one of the wimpy Italian made units and go for the robust tank of a cleaner. My only regret is that I wish I would have known about this years ago!”
“Andy & all @ THERMA-KLEEN™, A million thanks for a steamer that surpasses all the other Italian made steamers! I’d like to make my testimonial from a healthcare provider’s, home owner’s, & parent’s perspective. As a healthcare provider (Nurse practitioner) in a large metropolitan hospital, I deal with infection control & prevention on a daily basis & I believe that cleaning with steam is by far the most effective & sanitary method to control & prevent contamination. As a home owner with ceramic tile covering 80% of my 1st floor, I’ve given up “slop mopping” with detergents that only spread the pine scented chemicals & stain the grout. It’s literally night & day after steam cleaning the tile & grout with my most excellent THERMA-KLEEN™ steamer. The tile shines & you get a “clean squeak” when you walk on the tile. As a parent with a toddler who has allergies to dust mites, steam cleaning is the one & only effective way to control if not eliminate the dust mites. The first time I steamed my son’s bedding & crib he slept all night! For any consumer out there that is researching steam cleaning & which product to purchase I highly recommend THERMA-KLEEN™. 1st It’s made here the United States & not Italy. I’ve researched the other guy’s steamers & have read hundreds of blogs/complaints about having to deal with the middleman/distributor about problems that have cropped up with the Italian made steamers. With THERMA-KLEEN™, you have the confidence of the company here in the U.S. & very personable & helpful consumer support. 2nd It’s quality inside & out, the other steam cleaner’s are primarily plastic & don’t give you the confidence of durability & quality of stainless steel. Once again, thank you Andy for the “Cadillac” of steam cleaners! Keep up the good work & the best to all @ THERMA-KLEEN™.”

Arthur G. Encarnacion, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

Skilled Nursing Facility WP8 Houston, TX 77030

“Dear Andy, It has been quite a while since I have talked to you about my continued testing and air quality observation of your THERMA-STEEM™ Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner. I can verify that the dry vapor at 100 PSI will definitely kill Stachybotrys Chartarum, Aspergillus Penicillium, Fusarium, and a host of other toxic and allergenic molds and mildew. A new twist is that it will also kill bedbugs and inhibits algae growth.”
“Speedy Clean Research carried out at University College Hospital London, found that dry steam applied at temperatures ranging from 150-180°C could destroy bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA, in less than two seconds. David Wardle from Oxford Catalysts said instant steam would be convenient for hospitals because you do not have to wait for a boiler to heat up and there were no cables required. And the steam condenses out so it kills bugs in the nooks and crannies.”
“Good Morning Andy, I would like to tell you that the 1300 steam cleaner is the cats meow, I have cleaned 5 machines and am very satisfied with this cleaner, I would recommend this 1300 over any other steam cleaner on the market, Thanks again.”
“We use our THERMA-STEEM™ weekly and could’t be happier with it.”

Red - Director of Maintenance

Salvation Army- Fl.

“Well made American product. You can trust it to work when you need it….I hope you keep making this great product.”
“I use the Ultra 250 to clean everything from our Air Conditioning coils, power wash the sidewalks, and anything else that needs a good cleaning. I am extremely happy with it’s performance.”
“Our Ultra 1300 portable steam cleaner met our expectations and more….it’s easy to use and moves very easily.”
Regarding the THERMA-STEEM™ model: “What a great machine! Fantastic power, craftsmanship, and great customer service to go along with it.”
“Our Ultra 1300 is worth every penny we paid for it… it works on everything from our tile floor to our relatives mobile home…I would recommend it to anyone.”
“I want to let you know how happy we have been with your company and the THERMA-STEEM™ Vapor/Steam Cleaner. We use it all the time to clean our appliances and it has worked wonderfully for us. I won’t clean something without it now. We have also been very pleased with the service your company provided to us.”
“My THERMA-STEEM™ is outstanding…I am very pleased with it. I use it to clean and sanitize my entire facility…it works exceptional on my slate floors.”