Therma-Kleen Dry-Vapor & High Pressure Steam Cleaners

We offer a wide range of configurations and capabilities to fit any cleaning application.
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Therma-Kleen dry vapor Steam Cleaners
Therma-Kleen High Pressure Propane Steam Cleaners
Therma-Kleen High Electric Propane Steam Cleaners

Dry Vapor Steam

The only American-Made vapor steam cleaner and the perfect cleaning solution for most indoor, commercial and institutional needs. Dry Vapor Steam provides the ultimate for sanitizing and killing bacteria. A wide-range of machine models and configurations are offered in the Vapor Steam category providing the flexibility you need to fit the machine to the application.

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Propane & Electric High-Pressure Cleaners

Think degreasing, think automotive, think heavy equipment. The high-pressure, propane and electric steam cleaners from Therma-Kleen offer the best flexibility and freedom to use the machine where you need. These heavy-duty, robust machines are intended for use in heavy industrial/commercial applications.

The Propane Models (Ultra 250, 600 and 1300) are clean burning, compact systems, designed to clean, de-grease and sanitize with high pressure and low water flow. With adjustable steam temperatures, they will provide an environmentally positive workplace by generally eliminating the need for most chemicals.

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The Electric Models (Ultra 250E and 600E) are specifically intended for applications where chemicals or other fuels are prohibited. These are ideal for many indoor applications and confined locations.

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Not sure which solution is best for you?

Therma-Kleen offers two methods to determine the best cleaning solution and product for your application.
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