Just received your machine?



Your unit is designed with two solenoids that control the switches at the wand. If you experience lower pressure than normal or notice that the steam doesn’t stop when you shut off the switches, you may have a piece of debris lodged in the solenoid, so it will not operate correctly. If this is the case, cool down the unit, unplug the cord from the power and open the cabinet.

The two solenoids are located at the end of the boiler. Slide the metal clamp off the top of the solenoid and slide the top of the solenoid off of the brass bottom. At this point, unscrew the top section to reveal the solenoid cavity, this will allow you to clean the center area. Blow into this area with compressed air or remove the debris with a tool. Replace the solenoid parts and re-assemble the unit. This must be repeated for both solenoids if no debris was found in the first.


If you blow a fuse on this unit:
  1. Check and make sure you are not plugged into a circuit with more than one appliance.
  2. Have the right size fuse in the unit. 15 Amp, ABC ceramic fuse for 120 volts. Make sure the fuse holder cap is on correctly and the fuse holder is in good shape.
  3. Replace the heater and the heater gasket, if needed.


  1. Check for an obstruction in the nozzle.
  2. Check filter located in the unit. If discolored or there is resistance when you blow through it, filter needs replacing.
  3. Check pressure hose for a kink or damage.