Just received your machine?


  1. Make sure the red line on the temperature gauge is set to a higher temperature than the black line, if the red line is set lower than the black line then the contactor will not engage. The contactor will make a “click” sound when the combistat opens it.
  2. Make sure you have purged the system of air locks when you first start the unit. Close the trigger gun while the pump is running and count to 15. Then, release the gun and do again. This will help smooth out the system. Excess air in the system could cause an erratic “ON” “OFF” action.
  3. Make sure the water flow to and through the machine is not restricted, i.e. a clog in the nozzle, a kink in the garden hose, the water is not on all the way at the garden hose, the water pressure in the water system is too low, or the pump is not pumping enough water through the system. Check the pump water volume per minute and the pump pressure. The flow switch needs to sense a certain flow per minute, if not, then the contactor will not engage.
TEMPERATURE RISE If you are not achieving enough temperature rise this could be due to using the wrong nozzle or the heater is failing. If your combistat is reading correctly, then check the orifice size on the nozzle. If needed, replace with factory authorized nozzle and orifice.

PUMP SEALS ARE DAMAGED Make sure that the incoming water temperature is not greater than 140˚F. Allowing the pump to stay in the “by-pass” mode for long periods of time will increase the chance of the pump water temperature rising past the approved temperatures. Do not leave the trigger gun closed for more than 2 minutes.

PUMP RUNS BACKWARDS Change any two wires on the power cord or inside on the motor contactor.

PUMP PRESSURE IS LOW Valves in the pump may need to be replaced. Order a valve and seal kit.