Just received your machine?


See owner’s manual for power requirements of your particular model prior to operating this machine. Always wear gloves, goggles, long sleeve coat or shirt and long pants or coveralls.
  1. Make sure the unit is unplugged.
  2. Make sure that both switches are in the “OFF” position.
  3. Slowly remove the fill cap located on the top of the unit.
  4. Using the funnel, carefully fill the unit with distilled water into the opening (approx. 5 quarts).
  5. Replace the cap and hand tighten. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
  6. Plug the unit into a grounded 120-volt electrical outlet. (This service may be 220 volts where applicable.)
    a) Removing the ground on the electrical cord is not only dangerous but will void your warranty. If an extension cord is used, it should be at least 12-gauge and no longer than 50 ft.
  7. Turn the main power switch “ON”. The amber and red lights will go on. Make sure the red line on the temperature gauge is at 330˚F. If the red line is less than the actual temperature indicated by the black line, the heater will not activate or come on.
  8. Wait until the heater switch light (the red light) goes out. The temperature gauge should read around 330˚F. (Time: approximately 25 minutes to heat.)
  9. Turn the wand switch to the “ON” position. This will activate the wand. CAUTION: When the wand is engaged by one of the switches, excess condensation in the system will bleed out before steam occurs (this will last only a few seconds.)
  10. Now the system is ready for cleaning. Make sure any accessory is securely fastened before cleaning.