Just received your machine?


NOTE: See owner’s manual for power requirements of your particular model prior to operating this machine. Always wear gloves, goggles, long sleeve coat or shirt and long pants or coveralls.
  1. Before plugging in the electrical cord, Check to insure ALL switches are in the “OFF” position.
  2. Remove the air vent cap from the reservoir (on top of machine). Using the funnel provided. Fill the reservoir with clean water, from a measured container, taking care not to spill or overfill the reservoir tank (approx. 2 gal. when empty). Distilled water is recommended.
  3. Plug the Model 400 Vapor Steam Cleaner into an appropriately grounded 120 or 240-volt outlet as applicable. a) Removing the ground on the electrical cord is not only dangerous but will also void the warranty. If an extension cord is to be used, it should be at least 12-gauge and no longer than 50 ft.
  4. Turn the MAIN Power switch to the “ON” position.
  5. If the boiler requires water, the reservoir pump will turn on. This is indicted by the blue light and a vibrating sound.
  6. After the pump has stopped, it is now safe to turn the heater switch to the “ON” position. IMPORTANT: Never turn the heater switch to the “ON” position until the pump has stopped, indicating the boiler is full.
  7. You can now top off the reservoir, if desire, with water and replace the air vent cap taking care not to over tighten.
  8. When the boiler is at full operating temperature the “HEATER LIGHT” (amber) will go out. This will go on and off as needed.
  9. Put attachments on the gun making sure connections are hand tight and adjust the flow of steam with the knob located on the side of the machine. Wear gloves.
  10. When the “ADD WATER” light blinks, the reservoir is empty. Remove the air vent cap, refill the water reservoir if desired, and resume cleaning. Do not over fill. It is important to immediately refill the reservoir tank, so the boiler does not run out of water.