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Preventive Maintenance

  1. Periodically inspect and clean water inlet screen located at the inlet of the unit (at the hose attachment on the Ultra 600/1300 models-Ultra 250 filter is part of the pump).
  2. Periodically inspect nozzle to make sure it is clean. Restricted water flow, shut down or interrupted spray pattern is an indication of obstruction in the nozzle.
  3. DESCALING: hardness or mineral content in water along with steam temperatures will eventually create a coating or build-up of scale in the heating coils. Excessive scale will shorten coil life and interfere with temperature controls. Scale appears periodically. Check for scale build-up on inside of steam connections. When scale has built-up to such a degree that the machine senses accurate low water flow internally, the unit will not light, or will light and shut-off. A test for scale build-up is to remove the nozzle and see if the machine lights, and if it does, then you may need to descale the unit. Other low water issues maybe the cause, such as a bad pump, etc. See DESCALING Section.
    This can ruin the coils, pumps and flow switch. Winterize the machine when necessary. This can be done by running anti-freeze or windshield wiper fluid through the garden hose, as you do when you descale a machine. See DESCALING Section. The Ultra 250, 600 and 1300 models require 1 to 2 gallons of fluid to completely fill the coils and water system. When you are ready to resume using the machine, flush thoroughly and dispose of the anti-freeze carefully before heating the system.