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Pump Maintenance

NOTE: The pumps used on these models are factory sealed. When replacing a pump or motor it is necessary to re-lubricate the plunger and bearings. Use synthetic grease with PTFE. We recommend this brand: Super Lube. Check for sufficient lubrication as a maintenance procedure to extend the life of your pump and motor. Repair a pump as needed to prevent damage to the motor and/or bearing. Check the pump pressure on a regular basis.

Pump Warranty:
The warranty will be void if you do the following:
    1. If you don’t flush the unit with fresh water after each day’s use.
    2. If you attempt to mix dry powder chemical in solution feed.
    3. If you fail to properly install kit components or modify kit.
    4. If you use chemicals greater than 9 PH OR LESS THAN 6 PH.
    5. If you re-wire the motor incorrect and the motor runs backwards.
    6. If you use water that is hotter than 140˚F.
    7. Run the pump dry, causing cavitation.