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L.P. Liquid Propane Gas (Vaporous Draw)

Your propane fired, high pressure, steam cleaner provides you with a clean burning, odorless, USDA allowable system. Ideal for indoor use. We recommend you own two propane cylinders to provide you with many hours of cleaning time. Each cylinder will supply you with approximately 3-4 hours of total cleaning time. However, due to the nature of propane gas under pressure, you will only be able to utilize each cylinder of gas continuously approximately 1 ½ hours before switching over to your second cylinder. This will allow the first tank to “defrost” during the period of time you are using your second cylinder. REMEMBER: each cylinder shall last approximately 3-4 hours to total cleaning time and approximately 1 ½ hours of continuous cleaning time before necessitating a change over to a second cylinder. Do not run the machine in small confined areas. Check you local regulations for propane use in your area.

It is very important that you store your cylinder filled with LP gas in an upright position and in a cool location. DO NOT leave your filled cylinder in a hot confined and unventilated environment. When you are not using your cylinder, it is recommended that you store it outside.

Mounting the Cylinder on Your Therma-Kleen Model
We suggest that you mount your cylinder on your THERMA-KLEEN® steam cleaner so that the regulator and LP gas hose are situated on the furthest side of the cylinder, away from the machine.
  1. Make sure all connections are tight. If you detect a strong propane smell, check all connections.
  2. DO NOT light the unit until this is corrected.

Fuel Pressure Settings Fan nozzle:3-4 lb.= 240˚F temperature. Blast nozzle:5-6 lb. 290-300˚F temperature. Water temperatures coming into your hose vary from season to season, cold water will increase fuel pressure settings.
*Note: Stainless Steel Coils require slightly more fuel.

Propane Tank Troubleshooting
Always fill your tanks at a quilified propane refill center. If you encounter any difficulties please read the following: If the tank is not purged properly the first time, air will mix with the vaporous portion of the propane and will cause sudden or erratic drop in fuel pressure. In addition, you may be drawing off the liquid since the vapor does not have room to be created. Return your tank to the place of business you had it filled or a propane location that can recover the propane and refill correctly. Another effect of not purging the system of air is the tank regulator freezes up quickly. TANK OVERFILLED: The result of an over filled tank is freezing at the valve or regulator.