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Service Information

When you install the power cord, the wires can be attached several different ways. You need to see if you have the plug wired correctly for the machine.
  1. Attach a garden hose to the unit.
  2. Turn the garden hose water “ON”. You will see the water come out of the wand end after a minute or two.
  3. Turn the pump “ON”, if the water stops this is an indicator that the plug is not wired correctly. Turn the pump switch “OFF” and unplug the unit. Switch any two wires in the plug and try again. CAUTION: DO NOT engage the heater by turning the temperature gauge (combistat) knob past the black line at this time. This could cause the water to go backwards into the garden hose if the pump runs the wrong way, the customer must use the following procedure for proper power connection and operation.
WARNING: Failure to follow these procedures could permanently damage the pump and/or motor assembly. They will not be covered under warranty if they are damaged. This procedure requires the customer to obtain a “Motor Rotation Test Meter” Ideal #61-521 from Ideal Industries, Inc., Sycamore, IL 60178, USA, 800-435-0705 or and electrical supply house. This is only an example of a test meter that will work. There are other meters that will also do the same function.  

Electrical Connection Procedure
  1. Using the 3-phase tester half of the rotation test meter (see drawing from above), connect the RED-YELLOW-BLUE leads on the meter to the 240vac- 3-phase power source.
  2. Observe rotation lamps on meter, is the clockwise rotation lamp (No. 3 on drawing) lit?
    • If Yes, go to step 4.
    • If NO, go to step 3.
  3. Switch two of the three test meter lead connections on power source. Then go back to step 2.
  4. Connect RED-BLACK-WHITE leads in the Ultra 600E power cord to the corresponding power source terminals identified by the RED-YELLOW-BLUE leads on the test meter. Match RED to RED, BLACK to YELLOW, WHITE to BLUE.
  5. Connect water source, pressure hose and wand to Ultra 600E and prepare to test for proper operation.
  6. Before activating the unit, turn on the water supply and purge all air from the Ultra 600E by squeezing the trigger gun and waiting for a steady stream of water from the wand tip.
  7. You must be prepared to immediately turn off the Ultra 600E if the pump motor is observed to run opposite the proper rotation. This is determined by sound and absence of high pressure at the wand tip. If a humming is heard and no large increase in pressure is observed at the wand tip, then immediately turn the unit off. Failure to quickly turn off the pump will result in a burnt-out motor.
  8. Test Ultra 600E for proper rotation by switching the unit on momentarily.
  9. Did the unit run properly:
    • If Yes, go to the next step.
    • If No, STOP all testing and turn off water and power source.
    • Disconnect the cord from the power source but note which color on the power cord is connected to which terminal on power source.
    • Go to Pump Repair Procedure.
  10. Your unit is not operating properly. If your unit is permanently connected to a power source, then you are finished with this procedure. If you are using multiple outlets and moving the unit between them, you must wire all other outlets the same as the working outlet. Using the test meter, verify each outlet is wired the same as the working outlet.