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CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA - Terry, from TLC Farm and Goat Dairy and Cheese Plant in Charleston, West Virginia is ecstatic about the results he is receiving when it comes down to steam sanitizing with our THERMA-STEEM™er.  He was able to successfully sanitize the airspace between the top of the milk and the lid within the confines of the stainless steel, pasteurizing tank in ½ the time that was required for him to do so in the past.  He was able to pass the W.V. state inspection criteria with “flying colors” so as to be certified to process and hence produce cheese for the marketplace.

The THERMA-STEEM™ system which produces dry, vapor-steam and in this case of course, does not come in contact with the milk itself. Terry and his customers claim this allows him to produce a higher quality taste in all of the cheese he produces. As he has changed from his previous production methods, there are now no electrical elements to negatively affect the taste of his products. His belief is that if you are a “small dairy producer and would be willing to change to a most innovative system that will allow for a substantial reduction of sterilization time (in half) while at the same time producing a fresher, better tasting product using a THERMA-STEEM™ unit, why would there be any reason not to consider a THERMA-STEEM™.

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