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Bubble Gum Removal

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS - E.K. from C&H Holding Co. of Chicago Heights, Illinois was overwhelmingly happy to have come across our company after doing a great deal of research with regard to companies that claim to deliver fantastic results relative to gum cleaning off sidewalks. Being local to our company, we were able to meet with him along with our THERMA-KLEEN™ Model Ultra 1300, portable, high pressure, steam cleaner at a nearby restaurant that had a great deal of gum all around their restaurant sidewalks. E.K. was simply amazed when he witnessed the machine’s ability to “pulverize” gum quickly and efficiently throughout the area.

The machine was easily able to explode through many pieces of gum, some as large as an old “silver dollar” in 5 seconds or less without chemicals and scrubbing. The steam temperature under high pressure erases all presence of the gum itself. It doesn’t just “flip” the gum off in one piece, requiring you to pick up each one, but actually disintegrates the gum into fine, undetectable, particulates. All that you will detect is the residual smell itself from a varietyof different smells that the gum manufacturer once produced.

This is an entirely different method of gum removal than most companies tout as being the only way to remove gum. The problem with these other ways, so E.K. feels, is that they take simply too much time. One bubble gum piece at a time, applying chemicals and scrubbing each piece of gum with small 1” diameter brushes. In E.K.’s opinion, to which THERMA-KLEEN™ absolutely subscribes, the way that these other companies remove gum via vapor-steam cleaners is just not the way to go about doing it.

We, at THERMA-KLEEN™ manufacture our own line of commercial-grade, Vapor-Steam Cleaners which perform marvelously in these applications. Other methods and equipment were never designed for gum removal on a large, commercial level.  They would simply take too long to do large area gum removal and, in the case of manual removal, would necessitate the user to scrape along, piece by piece, going through countless numbers of brushes as they would quickly and continuously wear down to a nub. Additionally, alternative processes would simply take too long to remove the gum. E.K. and we at THERMA-KLEEN™ feel that the high pressure, steam technique is the only way to go. This method of removal will continue to save him valuable time in labor, chemicals and brushes. He hopes to be purchasing a second THERMA-KLEEN™ unit soon!

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