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Environmental Inspection

This following report was provided to us on August 23, 2007 by CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL APPRAISERS by Mr. Edson Stroll, Registered Environmental Consultant and Assessor in the State of California.

In his report, Mr. Stroll mentions that he was able to "verify that the dry vapor at 100 psi will definitiely kill STRACHYBOTRYS CHARTARUM, ASPERGILLUS PENICILLIUM, FUSARIUM and a host of other toxic and allergenic molds and mildew (and) a new twist is that it will also kill bed bugs and inhibits algae growth."

Mr. Stroll also claims that he was able "to find some way of destroying the viable mold larvae ..... having developed a process using five (5) different patented or trade marked devices (along with the THERMA-STEEMâ„¢ dry, vapor-steam cleaning system) that will put the babies to sleep ad infinitum. (Only) in extreme cases wallboard and flooring will have to be removed."