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Chemical Injection

  1. Open knob on control panel all the way counter- clockwise.
  2. Drop chemical feed line into chemical.
  3. DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS THROUGH THIS SYSTEM, IT CAN DAMAGE YOUR PUMP AND ALUMINUM COILS. If you need a harsh chemical, apply it on the item you wish to clean before you start cleaning… wait… and steam clean the item after 10 – 15 minutes or use the optional external chemical injection system.
  4. To end using the chemical injection, turn the knob on the machine all the way closed. The soap will now stop drawing. Please make sure this knob is closed when you are not using this system so the pump does not draw unnecessary air.
  5. Blocked internal chemical injection can affect the water flow to the pump and cause damage.
Maximum Water Injected Per Minute: At 1000 PSI and at 20 PSI pump inlet conditions… you yield 8 ounces per minute.

Maintenance: If the opening around the needle valve stem becomes clogged, clean valve stem and passage way with warm soapy water. Rotate the control knob assembly counter clockwise (which includes the control knob and needle valve stem) until it can be lifted out of the body. Inspect valve stem O-ring and replace if necessary. Install control knob assembly by pushing down firmly on knob and turning clockwise until it is in the closed position. Set injector to desired setting.

Soap System Not Drawing:
  1. Make sure all of the soap lines are connected to barbs inside the machine.
  2. Make sure soap injection is now open on top of machine.
  3. Air may have been drawn into line and caused an air lock. Fill soap line with water forcing air through system.
  4. Water regulator is set at factory, but may be adjusted to create suction though the soap line. Adjust by setting T-bar in or out slightly.